About Me

I work as a programmer. I live with my wife Caely and son Ira in Portland, Oregon.



I am a Software Engineer at Sony AI in Portland, OR, where I help build reinforcement learning software.

Previously, I was at a Previously, I was a Data Engineer at Yieldbot where I helped choose ads, and a Senior Software Engineer at The Climate Corporation, where I worked on climate modeling. Before that, I commuted all the way from San Francisco to Mountain View to work at Google.

I got my Ph.D. in Computer Science graduate student at UC Berkeley, where I studied Artificial Intelligence. I worked with Jerome Feldman to represent complex real-world actions with a combination of probabilistic models (specifically, an extension of Bayes Nets called Probabilistic Relational Models) and process models (based on Petri Nets, which are fancy finite state machines). I demonstrated their use on simulated robotic soccer players. Here's a link to my dissertation.

I got my undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis.

Here are some things I have made:


I have had many hobbies through the years. These days, I don't do much, but I at least try to cook pretty well.