Time-Lapse Photography


I took pictures of things every few seconds and then made a movie from the pictures. The result is a video that runs at as much as a month (of realtime) per second (of video).


I asked for a webcam as a gift because I really wanted to make some time-lapse videos. Why? I'm not really sure. It just seemed like fun.


I used the following tools:


Louis, when he was young
rate = ?
2.5 MB
video of Louis
Clouds in St. Louis
rate = ?
7.2 MB
video of clouds
More clouds in St. Louis
rate = ?
13.5 MB
video of more clouds
Yet more clouds in St. Louis
rate = ?
21.2 MB
video of still more clouds
A Stargazer Lily
rate = 6000 times realtime
3.4 MB
video of lily 1
The same Stargazer Lily, with another blossom opening
rate = 6000 times realtime
4.4 MB
video of lily 2