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Latest music love: Ratatat

I don’t know why I like this song so much, but I do: Ratatat’s Loud Pipes.

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Let’s go back

Let’s go back to when we were younger.
Laughing all the way to go nowhere.
Nights are short, but days they are longer.
Where’s that day, so how I wonder.

It just sounds so good, and it certainly goes well with Keith Loutit’s video.

Edit: the current featured video doesn’t use Vital’s excellent music, so here’s a direct link.

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Kickstart some open music!

I just donated money to help hire an orchestra to record some out-of-copyright music (Bach, Tchaikovsky, etc.). The scores are old and out of copyright, but any new recording is copyrighted–but these folks will release it under a Creative Commons license, so it’ll be free to share!

You can donate too, here:


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DJ skills

I would like to be able to DJ for blues dance events. I have taken the first steps, and now I have an appreciation for the music and the beginnings of a collection. However, my knowledge of the music is not as broad as I would like–I know a few songs that I really love, but I don’t have enough music to fill more than about a half hour. It’d be a good half hour, though!

I also don’t have the interpersonal skills needed. In order to be a useful DJ, you have to be able to read the reactions of the room. I haven’t put much effort into feeling a group’s mood, and I’m prone to be more sensitive to negative energy than positive energy, so I’m not sure I could redirect things well. I’d like to learn, but I don’t know how.

So, maybe after another couple years of dancing I’ll have the music and the talents for DJing. Until then, I’ll just appreciate those who already do.


Leave a Comment sounds like a good idea. For $12/month, you get 24 songs per month, in DRM-free MP3 format. That’s half the price of Amazon or iTunes. The selection isn’t infinite, but it’s pretty good, and you know that if the service takes off, it’ll grow.

However, there’s one catch, and depending on your perspective, it’s either minor or really annoying. Those 24 songs per month–if you don’t pick them, they go away. They don’t advertise that much, and they don’t provide automatic warnings or anything to remind you that they’re about to take away what you already paid for.

From one perspective, who cares? If I’m careful, it’ll never be an issue.

On the other hand, that means I’m signing up for music plus eternal vigilance. They’re clearly out to screw you, and a bit of care will avoid it. But I don’t really want to get into a contract-with-the-Devil-so-watch-your-back sort of position. If they want to make money off my stupidity, well, I’m not stupid enough to go there.

That said, I think I may stick with their audiobook program. The catch is more or less the same, but it’s easier to avoid because I only have to pick one thing each month, and there aren’t other good ways to get DRM-free audiobooks. As soon as there are, I’ll ditch the carefully-laid trap that is

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Learning to use my guitar

Apparently I still need to learn to use my guitar correctly.

Explosm comic about guitars

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“We” can work it out

Does anyone else think the Beatles song, “We Can Work It Out” has very troubling lyrics? The singer says to see it his way: “While you see it your way, there’s a chance we might fall apart before too long.” There’s no talk of compromise, only insistence that the listener “try to see it my way.” I don’t think that’s a good way to resolve problems in a long-term relationship.


The Blanks

The Blanks were awesome last night! They’re the a cappella group that sometimes does little bits on the TV show “Scrubs.” They really did make their show into an entertaining comedy performance, and they sang weird songs extremely well. I think my favorites were the songs with talking toys. For instance, they had a pumpkin that said “Happy Halloween,” and by timing it carefully, they got it to sing along with them. Very clever.

Plus, I got cheap tickets from Goldstar, which not only informed me of the opportunity but also gave “free” (plus a high handling fee) tickets. I don’t usually endorse products or services, but after them finding me such a good concert, I’m pleased with what they do.


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Tha Blanks

I just got tickets to go see The Blanks next month. They’re an a cappella group that I know of because they performed on Scrubs. Oddly, they’ll be playing in a comedy club, so I’m not exactly sure what to expect. I hope to be entertained, though, and I’m kind of excited because of the Scrubs link.

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Sweet centaur! just played the song “History” by Funeral for a Friend, and I had a funny mis-hearing moment.

The song really goes, “I don’t care about your sweet scent or the way….”

I heard, “I don’t care about your sweet centaur…,” which is frankly much more awesome.


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