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You mean your dreams *don’t* have nuclear bombs?

Cut for a 1-paragraph description of a dream I had


Guinea pig dreams

Screw dreaming of genies; I dream of guinea pigs. I won’t bore you with the whole thing, but suffice it to say that all three guinea pigs were present, and it didn’t occur to me once that two of them are dead now. I’m not sure what it means, but I can still imagine Louis with a fair amount of clarity. I know it’ll fade in a few months or years, but for now I rather like that clarity of memory, which is unusual for me.

Also, in the dream, Chester jumped around and climbed from one part of the cage to another, and I was impressed by the quality of my internal representation: it’s exactly the way he does jump, walk, and lie down in real life. The human brain is a magnificent pattern-learning machine.


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Definitely not electric sheep

I dreamed of an eight-legged talking bull. He was enormous, and he could build up a lot of momentum. He was also surprisingly eloquent.

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I don’t often relate dreams here, since I don’t want to bore you. But here’s an interesting one.

I dreamed I went to the grocery store. I bought cherries and milk, among other things. I almost bought 2 gallons of milk, but I realized that was too much and put one back. Exciting!

But this morning, for a bit I thought I had cherries to eat, because I remembered buying some. It was a disappointment to realize it was all a dream.