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The Blanks

The Blanks were awesome last night! They’re the a cappella group that sometimes does little bits on the TV show “Scrubs.” They really did make their show into an entertaining comedy performance, and they sang weird songs extremely well. I think my favorites were the songs with talking toys. For instance, they had a pumpkin that said “Happy Halloween,” and by timing it carefully, they got it to sing along with them. Very clever.

Plus, I got cheap tickets from Goldstar, which not only informed me of the opportunity but also gave “free” (plus a high handling fee) tickets. I don’t usually endorse products or services, but after them finding me such a good concert, I’m pleased with what they do.


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I’m a dork. The San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival has posted its schedule for this year, and I’m really excited. Elephant Larry from New York will be there this year! Hopefully I’ll finally get to see the Upright Citizens Brigade A.S.S.S.S.C.A.T. I’m delighted. Unfortunately, it means I’ll probably be spending $100-200 on comedy tickets over 3 weeks or so, but it’ll be a delicious period. Hooray for humor!

Of course, this reminds me of last year, when I invited a woman on a date to a performance of the SF Sketchfest. She rejected me, saying that she doesn’t like comedy. Has there ever been a more obviously made-up excuse? That’s like saying you’d go on a dinner date, except you don’t like eating.

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