UPS sucks!

This morning, I went to Circuit City to fix a faulty iPod. They wouldn’t fix it, only return it, which is infuriating. Furthermore, I forgot that they didn’t open until 10am, so I was stuck waiting there for 20 minutes.

While I was waiting for the store to open, a UPS truck pulled up to deliver some packages to Circuit City. The delivery man clearly had no respect for the packages. He didn’t treat them with much care, and the inside of the truck was a jumble of packages rather than anything orderly.

What’s more, 2 of the 13 packages were dripping wet when they came out of the truck! They weren’t soaked through all around, but each had one edge that was sopping wet. There is no way that can be good for the packages.

Clearly, UPS is doing something wrong. I always knew their deliveries sucked, but now I know that the transit process is just as bad.