To ruin a perfectly good morning

I started my morning off right. First, I had a good breakfast. Then, I called the synagogue (in St. Louis) about having their rabbi officiate our wedding in October. We have to meet with the rabbi first, but when we tried to do that once before over winter break, the rabbi went out of town and they couldn’t call us because they wrote our phone number down wrong. Therefore, I was hoping we could tele-conference. I have a webcam, so we could have a phone call with video, which is just as good as us being there.

However, the secretary (perhaps speaking for the rabbi) said that videoconferencing is not acceptable; Kate and I must physically go to St. Louis. That really makes me mad. Because they wrote our phone number down wrong, we need to spend $600 to fly to St. Louis? If you know me, you know that I hate stupidity and waste, and the majority of one thousand dollars to be able to touch us (rather than just seeing our faces and hearing our voices) is unreasonable. We can afford it, but that’s because we’re careful not to do stupid things like this with our money.

I keep wanting to call back and say all this. I want to ask what they would do if we told them we would donate $800 minus the cost of the plane tickets to the synagogue. I bet they wouldn’t demand our physical presence then. If it was their money that was being spent to bring us to St. Louis, they’d be plenty happy to meet with us in telepresence.

The waste of it makes me so angry!