The way to ruin a day’s mood

Why must I always end up in arguments in politicartoons? Now I’m arguing with level_head, who is being really damn unreasonable. He’s saying that Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction and ties to 9/11, even after the commission said they didn’t. The problem with him is that he’s even harder to argue with than ilovethecure. He keeps coming up with articles, such as one about John Kerry being warned about 9/11 in advance. The article isn’t carried by any major news source (including Fox).

Anyway, crap like this is why I want to leave the country. Why should I stay here with bullshit-spewing con artists who change their mind about what the war in Iraq was about, who think that civilian deaths are okay as long as they’re not Americans, who think that because they don’t lose their tempers while they speak nonsense they’re level-headed.