In which Leon is disappointed in himself and others

I’ve failed at democracy. There are 5 pages of ballot, and though I’ve worked my way through the state propositions, the state representatives, and most of the SF propositions, I have no idea what to do about the judges, or the school board members. I wish someone I could trust would just tell me which of them are worthwhile, because it’s not nearly as clear-cut as, say, the governorship. I might just not vote on things I don’t know about, but I feel bad about it. I am not the sort of educated public our great nation requires.

In other news, the Giants won the World Series. That was pretty nice, and it was good to see the city celebrating, but when they kept honking for 3 hours, and then broke bottles, burned mattresses, and generally disrupted the city. I mean, it wasn’t horrible, and was probably pretty tame compared to what could happen, but frankly I’m puzzled and disappointed in people. Why does celebration require destruction? What makes you want to ruin other people’s things? And how can you keep celebrating after, oh, 10 minutes or so? Doesn’t it get boring after a bit? How long can you wave an orange shirt in the street before thinking, “I need to figure out how to vote tomorrow!”

Also disappointing was the dancer tonight who said she went out and enjoyed the riot, and how nice it was to see some anarchy. She enjoyed the mattress-burning and the bus graffitiing. Does no one think of consequences? The same people who get worked up that bus fares are expensive and city taxes are high go around making the city worse?! Dammit, you are responsible for the effects of your actions.

The only good news of it is that maybe happy San Franciscans will vote tomorrow, and that’ll tip the scales for the causes I support, like “No on 23 and 26”, and “Yes on 19”, and “Make that Fiorina person shut up.”

The dance tonight had a definite shape. The beginning was pretty good, in the middle I sucked, and toward the end I was connecting with my partners pretty well. I hate every dance with a disappointed partner, though.

Okay, time to go finish working out my ballot. I’ll stay up as long as it takes, for tomorrow I vote!

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  1. #1 by todd. on November 2, 2010 - 5:50 pm

    We put a fair amount of stock in voter guides. We get the Courage Campaign one, an LGBT one, the local Democratic party, and the state Democratic party, and collate them.

    • #2 by leon on November 2, 2010 - 6:04 pm

      Yeah, but the Democratic recommendations seem to include errors on both state and local propositions. Yes on Prop 27, making elected officials draw their own districts?! That’s madness, and it’s not all. Yes on F, raising hotel taxes in SF and thus probably costing us some convention business, like a similar proposition did for NYC? Yes on N, raising the sales tax on sales of expensive real estate (meaning office space will be less liquid)? That casts doubts on all their candidate endorsements. And Courage Campaign doesn’t even touch the local stuff.

      I mean, yes, those are valuable resources, so thanks for the recommendations, but I’m still not entirely satisfied, especially when it comes to the local officials.

  2. #3 by todd. on November 3, 2010 - 7:02 pm

    Honestly, those local propositions seem like likely-yeses for me, based on those descriptions. Your concerns seem kind of minor, and revenue’s got to come from someplace. Taxing expensive things works for me.

    The Courage Campaign had a breakdown of several groups’ recommendations on 27. I didn’t really look too deeply into the issue, but I did notice that the majority of the groups listed were in favor of it. What’s madness, exactly?

    • #4 by leon on November 4, 2010 - 6:10 am

      Politicians drawing their own districts is the recipe for gerrymandering, and the Democrats’ support of that is just self-preservation. I find the League of Women Voters’ position most compelling. The others, maybe people could feel differently than I do, but keeping tourists and businesses away from SF doesn’t strike me as a good idea.