Major ergonomics failure

I’ve begun suffering from some repetitive stress ailment in which my right wrist is strained when I angle it right. I’ve finally figured out that it’s from typing–all that reaching to the right for the damn important keys. Enter, backspace, and shift all require that I move my wrist pretty severely, and, especially when programming, those keys get hit quite a lot. I could move my whole hand, instead of just my wrist, I guess, but that’s really slow.

Obviously, the right solution is one of those Kinesis keyboards that puts the control keys under your thumbs. I mean, seriously, that’s obviously the right design. Why am I wasting two thumbs on one space bar?! Unfortunately, spending $300 on a keyboard seems a little excessive, especially since I don’t need all the ergonomic features, just the important keys under my thumbs.

Do you happen to know of a keyboard that does this but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

EDIT: In the mean time, I’m attempting to get around this by mapping some keys. Caps-lock is now backspace, and the damn Windows key is now a return key. And I’ll try to use left-shift, if I can remember. That should be much better on my wrist for now.