No worship-worthy god

I’m not religious because I can’t believe in a god worth worshiping. There are gods I could perhaps believe in, but either they don’t demand worship, or I wouldn’t give it.

For instance, there could be a creator god, who set the universe in motion and then stood aside. But that god doesn’t need my belief, and it wouldn’t answer my prayers.

I can’t believe in an omnipotent, omniscient, benevolent god. There’s too much god-preventable suffering in the world for that. I can understand a god letting people make their own choices, but dying of cystic fibrosis isn’t a choice anyone would make. A god that’s not benevolent doesn’t deserve my worship.

A god that’s not omnipotent or omniscient doesn’t really sound that god-like, either. It could still be superhuman, but is that really divine? Would you pray to a god that can’t hear everyone’s prayers, or can’t act on them? What’s the minimum line for worship? Being able to move a mountain? How about a small hill?

And for that matter, a god that demands worship is a dick. What sort of supreme being gets worked up about how people feel about it? I won’t worship anything with a self-esteem issue.

Similarly, a god that doesn’t inform us all of its existence is a dick. It’s rude, at the least, to make us guess which millennia-old religion is correct. A polite god would let us know, rather than asking us to trust written records that have been mangled over thousands of years.

A god that puts arbitrary restrictions on behavior is also a dick. “You have to do no work on this day, because I said so.” “You can’t marry that person.” “You have to worship me by saying these words while lighting these candles and eating these snacky-cakes.” “You can’t use birth control.” “Only pray facing east.” “Don’t eat shellfish.” “Religious authorities must remain chaste.”

So, am I missing something? Do you know of a god that’s kind and wise, one that has concealed its existence from me for some good reason?