Internet dates

13 internet first dates

  • 4: I rejected, or the rejection was mutual
  • 2: stopped responding to my messages after the first date
  • 2: I dated for some period of time
  • 2: told me they were too busy to date me
  • 2: told me I was nice but they weren’t romantically interested
  • 1: had started dating someone the day before, but went on a first date since I’d already bought tickets

That’s not counting the rejections that occurred before there was a first date, which were mostly split into the “I rejected”, “too busy,” and “stopped responding” categories.

The biggest thing I’ve learned from this is that I do after all have strength and standards, and I’m capable of rejecting people. It wasn’t previously obvious that was true–after all, I married the first woman who expressed an interest in me.

I also learned that I look good on paper. I also come off fairly well in person, but I think there’s something missing from what I project. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s something important that people are looking for romantically. Perhaps it’s a certain confidence or assertiveness; I know those to be some of my weak points.