Graduating from Electoral College

Today, I read (and posted in) this Slashdot article about Iowa and the Electoral College. Iowa has a plan to recruit some other states and force all their electors to vote for the winner of the popular election, thereby effectively making the president elected by popular vote. It’s a fantastic idea, as the Electoral College has done nothing but disenfranchise voters in both large and non-swing states.

But an astonishing number of Slashdot commenters defended the Electoral College system, saying it was a good idea! I find that entirely outrageous. Why should citizens of small states have votes that count more than citizens of large states?

So, what do you think? Are any of you Electoral College supporters? Alumni, perhaps?

Okay, here’s a poll. It doesn’t seem to show up correctly, but maybe it will, and you can answer it:

Do you approve of the Electoral College?