I visited the doctor just for a regular checkup, and because I have a few questions.  (For example, I seem to have tonsil liths–they sound disgusting, but I only cough one up every 6 months or so.)

While I was there, she suggested that I get a cholesterol test done.  So, I did, and the results are good:

Type count (mg/dL)
Cholesterol 130
Triglyceride 64
HDL 41
LDL 76

Apparently, this is all normal, but I would benefit from increasing my HDL level.  The main method is aerobic exercise, so I guess I need to play DDR more often.  Also, eating “good” fats (avocado, peanut, olive) should help with that, too.  Apparently drinking a glass of alcohol every day should help, too, so maybe Kate and I need to get into the habit of having red wine with dinner.