Computers + movies

Tonight I watched two movies, staying up way late (as you can tell by the time of this post).  I suppose the lateness is a tribute to the fact that the second one, Firewall, didn’t suck.  It wasn’t great, but I still know someone who’d label it a “crapfest”.  What amused me most was that they tried hard to get the computer bits right, but didn’t quite succeed.  Consider this shot of a terminal:

Franky, they did pretty well.  It looks like a real Unix terminal, with a suspended process and all.  It has two main flaws.  First, you don’t have to enter a password after suspending a process (that’s the [1]+  stopped  wiretransfer) bit.  It should just drop you back into the shell.  Also, they ALMOST got the mount command right.  They just added a bunch of spaces next to slashes.  It’s as though a Unix-literate person wrote out what the terminal should look like, but when it came time for the movie people to put it up on a screen, they didn’t know where the spaces should go.  For example, running the script should actually look like: /mnt/cdrom/script.

The other movie is called Primer.  I highly recommend it.  It’s a time travel movie that is good, and then gets completely mind-bogglingly convoluted.  I hear that you get a lot out of watching it a second time.  It’s surely the best time-travel movie ever made, not that that’s a great feat.