Thieves, thieves, caterers and thieves

I had an email exchange with a caterer, which I quote below.

Leon:So you’re saying that in addition to the prices on the menu, we must also pay for personnel and chafers? I really thought that would be included, since it’s impossible to have a buffet without serving dishes or people to deliver it.

Caterer:Yes, that is correct.

The upshot of this is that, though we need pay less than $12/person to have a catered buffet dinner (for a total of around $1000), we would also have to pay around $1000 to rent serving dishes, and around $1000 for personnel costs. Granted, this one caterer is better than the others, so the dinner personnel is only around $500, and the rental for the chafers (serving dishes) is below $500. Still, we’re talking about doubling our catering costs! How can they have hidden costs like that? But every caterer we contacted does it! It’s a scam!

Oh. And I already scratched my damn sunglasses, though I have no idea how. Today is not such a good day.