Damn caterers

We just got a wedding catering proposal from The Pasta House. It clearly wasn’t built for us, as it listed 150 guests, but even so there were some pretty crazy pricings on it. I already used my grading pen to write comments over the proposal, but some of them I have to share here (in part because Kate won’t be home to see them for about an hour).

For instance: Renting plates is $0.35 a piece. That’s not so bad, and actually sounds reasonable. But the proposal includes “Salt & Pepper: $1.00 x 150”. We’re supposed to give every guest their own shakers–shakers that cost more than plates? Heeelll no. Honestly, how much pepper do they expect us to use? I guess this could come in handy when we’re attacked by Space Slugs(tm), but I think I’d rather just buy a box or two of rock salt. You know, just in case.

“Servers & Chafers: $100.00 x 9”. I was pretty sure that the serving dishes were included in the menu cost. Hiding a $1000 cost like that is certainly deceptive. If other caterers do the same, I’ll be very disappointed, but I’m hoping the others are saner so we can drop The Pasta House like a bag of rocks.