More, more, more — they always want more

Kate wants me to post more. She’s right; I probably should. Still, it always seems like a hassle.

Kate’s family came and visited, and Kate now has a wedding dress. It’s very attractive, and I’m sure she can’t wait to show it off. We’re really moving forward on this wedding thing. I guess now we just have to invite people to it.

While they were here, we did plenty of touristy, sight-seeing things. The best was probably when we went out on the bay in a sailboat. It was windy, but it was a lot of fun. All we could hear was the wind and the sails, and there were lots of pretty sights.

See why I don’t write? I don’t really have that much to say. Life continues. Things exist. Other things happen. Thre’s really nothing that interesting in it all.

I guess the most interesting thing was that it was generally a bad spring break. I didn’t do anything exciting, yet I still didn’t get very much work done. At least the apartment is nice and clean, now, and my taxes are done. And I did get to play lots of Baldur’s Gate with Kate. It could have been worse.

Oh. And our stocks are tanking, because Japan’s economy isn’t doing that well. Maybe that’s not the best place to invest our money. Japan’s economy is tied closely to ours, so if we do badly, so do they. Europe, or even developing countries, might be a better bet. It’s hard to know, yet there’s a lot of money to be made if you choose right. And a lot to lose, even if you don’t make any choice at all.