Self-diagnosis: Murder!

Though it’s really not that funny, this subject line amused me. It should really read “Self-diagnosis: Salmonella“.

I’ve been nauseous and sore for the past 24 hours, and there were a number of possible causes. I played softball on Monday, and I was surprisingly sore afterwards. Also, I upset my stomach with spicy food for the first time on Monday night. So, when I had a spicy lunch yesterday and then felt bad, I assumed I was just suffering from the same afflictions.

However, this morning I felt cold, even though the office thermometer is showing nearly 80 degrees. That was unusual, so I took my temperature; it turns out I have a 1-degree fever. (It’s been a while since I had a fever; I’m usually quite healthy.) So, I finally put it all together.

Soreness, check.
Nausea, check.
Loss of appetite, check.
Abdominal cramping, check.
Fever, check.
General malaise, check.

It sure sounds to me like I’ve got food poisoning. Perhaps I got it from fruit I didn’t wash thorougly? Maybe meat of some sort? I really have no idea, especially because Kate seems mostly unaffected.

I would whine about how this is such a bad time to get sick, with a paper deadline and a trip to St. Louis coming up, but I feel that we’re making good progress on the paper, and I should be feeling better by the time we travel. I sure hope so; traveling while sick really sucks.