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I fly through the air, differently this time

This weekend, my Noogler group did a flying trapeze class. I wasn’t terribly adept, but still we all managed to do a basic catch. One of the others kindly took video, and here I am: (Not bad video quality for a smartphone in a power outage, really.)

My hang gliding experience made me slightly less nervous, but the “experiencing strong forces while being held up primarily by your own strength” was unfamiliar and scary.



Google dancing

Today there was Lindy at lunch at Google. I danced with some quite good follows, and forgot most of their names. But one of them introduced herself as Carla, and it was only after dancing with her that I realized it was Carla Heiney, one of the best-known swing dance instructors in the Bay Area. Indeed, she has national recognition and did choreography on So You Think You Can Dance.

If I’d known who it was, I’d probably never have asked her to dance, even knowing how fun it would be. I guess learning afterward was best, because it spared me a lot of “oh my god I’m outclassed” stress.


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Not all Leon Barretts are well-behaved

Here’s a Leon Barrett who got arrested for sending threatening letters to celebrities.


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Surprise win!

My brother Sam and I play Starcraft 2 online. We’re “a little worse than mediocre,” which I think is a little charitable, but we win some games in the Silver league.

Last night, when we played, we tried experimenting with the different races. See, there are 3 different “races” (teams) you can play as, so you get different advantages and have to do different things. It’d be like in chess, where one sort of pawns can move diagonally, one sort can move twice as often, and the other sort can move backwards. Each game, you have to pick one kind. So, we would stick to one option that we knew, but we wanted to get practice with the others.

So we were practicing against the computer with one option, and we decided to switch to the third one. But I mis-clicked, and we ended up playing against humans! (It’s a problem with the user interface–the pages for playing against computers and playing against humans look very similar.) It was obvious we were screwed; Sam said it was his least stressful game, since he knew we wouldn’t win. We were trying to figure out how to work these crazy things, and then… we survived the first attack! And then we kept going, and we were able to attack them. And we won!

It was a good game to end on. We were sure we were screwed, but we won!


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Car theft?

I think I just failed to stop a car theft.

I was on my way to the bus for work, when I heard a car alarm go off for about 2 seconds. I was on Market, and it was down Dolores a bit. I looked over, and there were two guys opening the doors of a car, but the windows looked like they were down (or broken). It was 50-100 feet away, but it looked like there might be some broken glass near the door.

The one got in the driver’s seat, and the other stood around talking to him. A pedestrian walked by, closer than I was, and didn’t react.

So I just stood there, and then I saw my bus come, so I went to my bus. Now, maybe someone’s car will be gone, or their stereo will, when they look for it this morning, and it’ll be my fault because I put too high a priority on making my bus.

Should I have been willing to miss my bus (meaning a 45-minute delay, when I got up at 6:15 just so I could go in early to swim)? Should I have disregarded any possible danger in interacting with thieves? I’ve got lots of possibly excuses as to why I didn’t check it out more closely, but I’m really worried I failed in a major social responsibility.

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Plantar Fascism

I apparently have plantar fasciitis, otherwise known as “a pain in your foot in the morning.” Apparently it’s because I have flat feet and overuse my feet without enough stretching. It’s interesting that this started when I wasn’t running anymore.

Moral of the story: stretch after dancing! Maybe just stretch every night.

Man, it sucks to get old.

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My brother and I play computer games together every week or so. I find it to be a good way to keep in touch. Not only is it an activity we can do together to drive conversation, but it’s fun!

The latest excitement is that, playing as a team in Starcraft, we made it from the Copper league to the Silver league. It’s basically the automated system saying to us, “You’re not good, but you don’t suck as much anymore.” Hooray!

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