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Cholesterol review

I just got my cholesterol, glucose, percent body fat, and all that tested. It’s pretty good, but not amazing. I did this once before, and here’s the comparison.

Measurements are in mg/dL:

type 2006-11-20 2010-09-23
Cholesterol 130 176
Triglyceride 64 <45
HDL 41 45
LDL 76 not measured because triglycerides were so low
glucose 92
percent fat 16.1%
blood pressure 120/80

The doctor said my HDL should be higher, but with the really low LDL, it’s not a problem. The total cholesterol is way up, but I guess the reduced LDL makes up for it? More exercise and healthy fats would likely help, but it’s not worrisome. Likewise, my glucose looks good, no sign of my family’s hypoglycemia. My body fat percentage is high in the “fit” range (13%-17%), and far away from the “athlete” range (which ends at 13%).

In other words, I’m a fairly healthy young person. More exercise would be good for me, but I didn’t get exercise over the summer and I’m restarting now at Google, so it’s not surprising to hear that.

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Intense hunger & swimming

 I’m doing a medical blood test thing today, and it requires fasting for 10-12 hours before. But I wasn’t hungry 12 hours before, so I’m actually fasting for 15 hours, and it’s awfully annoying. Man, hunger makes it hard to concentrate.

It probably doesn’t help that persistence has paid off in my newfound exercise of swimming (Google has those "infinite" treadmill pools), so yesterday I was able to swim until I was tired, rather than until the drowning sensation overcame me and I had to stop. It turns out that breathing more than once every 4 strokes makes it a whole lot easier. I think that breathing frequency will have to be a goal to work up to.

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Travel prevents giving blood

 I was all set to give blood this morning, but apparently my Argentinian travel makes me ineligible. Most of Argentina is fine, but Iguazu Falls and Corrientes (home of the capybaras) are at risk for malaria, so I need to wait a year.

I’m a bit disappointed. There goes my good deed for the day.

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Kickstart some open music!

I just donated money to help hire an orchestra to record some out-of-copyright music (Bach, Tchaikovsky, etc.). The scores are old and out of copyright, but any new recording is copyrighted–but these folks will release it under a Creative Commons license, so it’ll be free to share!

You can donate too, here:


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Hang gliding with Caely

Caely came on a second hang gliding trip last weekend. She didn’t fly with me (I’m not rated for tandem flights), but she got some really good pictures.

She got me preparing for launch.

cut for pictures

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