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Dissertation length

My thesis has now reached 100 pages. That doesn’t sound long, but this is the year they switched to single line spacing, so it’s not quite a direct comparison.

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First-ever dance video

I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen myself dance on video. It’s okay, but I should record myself periodically–I can see a number of stylistic issues with my dancing.

So, this was a performance at the SwingCal graduation. Katrina and I mentored a group of students, and for graduation, we choreographed a little 30-second routine. Our students danced it masterfully: I think the only mistake I saw was my own!

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Sickness & modern TV

You remember when you were sick and lay in front of the TV drinking lots of fluids and watching crappy shows? That’s when I got my daytime PBS. Happy trees. Woo.

I’m a bit sick again, and although I’ve managed to put in some good work on my dissertation, I’ve also spent some time around the edges watching modern crappy TV: YouTube. I’m surprisingly entertained to watch commentated Starcraft 2 (beta) matches. It’s clearly a worthless activity, but sliding 10 or 30 minutes into a meal or snack shouldn’t hurt anything. It’s partly entertaining because of the semi-amateur presentation of the commentators. They say some really silly things.

Edit 2010-04-05: Some of those silly things include yelling, “No, don’t set up the tanks, why did you do that, oh god!” or saying, “What did I just say, that wasn’t a word, it was just sounds.”


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