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working hard?

I’m TAing CogSci 1, and I’m responsible for creating / updating one of its labs. I didn’t really like the lab we already had, so I spent 3 hours whipping up this little demo. It’ll need a writeup, but you might be able to play with it already. I’m pleased, to be honest–it wasn’t too much work, and I made a working tool! I think it’ll be useful in class, though it’ll take some more description for the students to be able to use it.



Best RickRoll ever

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Google: where I will work. I accepted the offer just now.


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Not quite a month

I haven’t posted in nearly a month. But this has been the month of most of my job search, and I now have job offers. I need to choose, but I have some awfully good options. I have nearly 2 weeks to decide.

I’m at home in Tennessee, where it’s awfully cold (in the teens) and snowing lightly. I’ve missed it, and it’s good to have some snow again.

Vacation time is nearly over, though. I may be still at home, but even here it’s time to get cracking on my thesis. Though I have job offers, before  I can start, I’ve gotta finish what I’m doing now.