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GSI position hassles

God freaking dammit. I have had a series of hassles in getting a GSI (a.k.a. teaching assistant) position. First, they mistook my preference for TAing the undergrad AI class as a demand, so they weren’t going to give me any work. Just yesterday, though, they found a graphics class for me to TA. However, today, they sent me the forms for it and I found it was a 10-hour position. That means I’d be paid half as much.

I could live off my savings for a semester, and maybe the reduced work would help me finish my thesis, but I’d really rather not go there. I mean, I’d even checked in midway through the summer to make sure they knew I was requesting a 20-hour position, and they said “oh, yes, we know.” And now they screw it up. Dammit, this is really annoying, especially with class starting on Wednesday.

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Flying this weekend

I didn’t take any pictures at Slide this weekend, but I had a 50-minute thermalling flight. It’s become clear that I have two main problems: I tend to fly too fast (I think my glider is still trimmed fast, though it’s as slow as it’ll go), and I have trouble getting started in a thermal. Once I’m circling in one, I can usually manage not to fall out of it, but figuring out whether that bump I just went through was a thermal or not is hard, and I can’t usually afford too many circles to try to get it right.

But all said, I think I’ll consider it a success.

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Good & tasty

My newest plum jam is pretty good. Nice and tart! It’s a shame that one meal of 3 PB&J sandwiches uses up at least half a jar. That means it won’t last as long as I’d hoped–or I’ll have to save it for when I really want it.


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