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When do you break out the camera?

I visited my sister and her husband in Irvine this past weekend. Of course, I only took pictures on the day we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, but I still got some good pictures.



Of course, when I was most excited, I forgot entirely to take pictures. At the park, they did a little presentation where they brought out some animals to interact with select members of the crowd, and some dude got to have a hyrax jump around on his shoulders! I was intensely jealous. For those of you who don’t know, a hyrax is an adorable little rodent-like rock-jumping critter. I saw some in Israel last summer, and I took as many pictures of them as I did the whole rest of the trip. For instance:

(from Israel)

I also got this video of a young hyrax making a clumsy mistake. Damn, they’re cute.

(from Israel)

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The six-fingered man processes applications slowly

Spam subject line: Mr. Montoya Approval process will take sometime more

If they’re too slow about it, though, Mr. Montoya’s son may have to look into the matter.


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Yet another comic

I know I’m posting a lot of these, but Pictures for Sad Children can sometimes capture surprisingly much of my internal emotional life.


Sharing a comic


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Bad sci-fi TV

I’ve started watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, mostly in the hopes that Summer Glau’s presence meant it’d be good. I’m 1.25 episodes in, and I’m already rather tormented by how stupid many of the elements are.

I write this in the hopes you’ll tell me it gets better.

At present, stuff sucks:

  • The time-travel stuff doesn’t make sense. Apparently, a fried terminator head passed through the time machine, even though clothes couldn’t? And, you know, if your disguise is compromised and your enemy can travel in time, it doesn’t matter when you’re found out–they can go back and seek you out before your cover was blown.
  • Also, apparently robots fight mostly by punching each other and throwing each other through walls. No aiming for weak points or trying to disable more fragile components, like limbs or eyes. Plus, the skin grown to cover metal substructure isn’t damaged when, say, Summer Glau punches through a brick wall.

If I keep watching it, it’ll be mostly for the sake of Summer Glau, who is hot enough to melt Terminators with her mere presence.


My car and a hill

By the way, when I went flying this weekend, I drove my car up this road.

Can you believe I got my Honda up this hill? In the dark?

I did this at 1am, when we arrived on Friday night. There were a few times when the car scraped the ground more than I’d have liked, but otherwise I’m damn proud, both of myself and my car.

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Flying trips

I’ve spent the last two weekends on flying trips. First, I went to Hat Creek for the BHGC’s annual 4th of July celebration. There was a great quantity of tasty pit-barbecued goat, and I got another launch video. Some of the pictures were also quite good. I also got 4.5 hours of airtime, which just goes to show how pleasant the site is. If you’ve heard of “glass-off,” that’s a regular phenomenon at Hat Creek, so there’s lots and lots of easy lift.

Jonathan over Hull.

This weekend, I went to Hull Mountain, and because it was too windy for me to fly on Sunday, I got some decent pictures there, too.

All the happiest times are out there, not down here

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