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My crazy beliefs

I recognize that these are crazy ideas, but somehow I believe them all, at least with a part of my mind.

“Good people are never proud.”

“Good people never show off (demonstrate their good qualities) or boast (talk about their good qualities).”

“Good people set aside all self-interest.”

“Good people are self-critical.”

“Good people are unfailingly diligent and hardworking.”

“Good people always do their best. Not just close to their best (that’s cheating), but their real best–they could not possibly have done better.”

“Good people are not controlled by their emotions.”

“Good people transcend their biological impulses.”

“Good people are good in all ways. Any failure is all failures.”

“Good people make no excuses. Being ‘merely human’ is an excuse.”

“Good people do not believe they deserve things.”

“Good people tolerate the failings of others, but not their own.”

“When in doubt, good people err on the side of caution with regards to these principles.”

Edit: I’d be happy to discuss these crazy ideas, but let’s not argue too much about whether I should hold them. I recognize that they’re subtly (and not so subtly) crazy.



Early to bed, early to rise…

Lately, I’ve been waking up early, no matter when I go to bed. Fall asleep at 2:30a.m.? Up at 7:30a.m. Fall asleep at midnight? Up at 7.

Now, that doesn’t sound entirely crazy, except that it means I haven’t gotten 8 hours of sleep one night in the past week. That’s unusual, especially given that I’ve been physically active like no one’s business, including working and dancing outside in the sun for at least 4 hours on Saturday. But still my body wakes me shortly after sunrise. I have noticed one of the telltale signs of being sleep-deprived: I’m more emotional than I would be ordinarily. But still, here I am at 7:20 this morning.

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Flying at Dunlap this weekend was good. Saturday had very good weather, and on Sunday I borrowed Jonathan’s variometer and stayed up for 1:15. I even got to 800 feet above launch height. I felt like a lord of the air. I could look past the launch ridge and see dry brown hills giving way to the snow-covered Sierras. It was my longest flight ever, and I was so very happy about it. My landing wasn’t great (I didn’t flare in time, so I scraped my shin a little), but everything else was wonderful.

On Sunday morning, we were woken up by the LZ owner’s dogs. Johanna got some good pictures of me in various stages of alertness.

me yawning with a dog

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Towns have moods

It’s a curious fact that here in Berkeley, I feel an aura of failure that was missing while I was home in Tennessee. There, I was skilled and clever and strong. Here, I’m merely mediocre. Whatever it is I do, there’s someone better at it than me–so much so that I can never hope to match them. I’m not a fan of being a small fish in a big pond, but I’d better get used to it, because unless I retreat to Smalltown, TN, that’s my fate. Not that I face it alone–almost everyone ends up being outshone. That still doesn’t mean I have to like it.

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AT&T sucks!

They “mis-entered” my order to shut off my internet, so it’s shut off 4 days before I leave. It takes them two business days to restart it, even though all that would be required is reenabling my login. They suck so much, it’s not even funny. Here, now, when I need to coordinate with people to sell my furniture and get help moving, not to mention finding out where to drop off my hazardous waste (lacquer thinner), they disconnect me from the world.

Thank heaven for neighbors who will tell you their wireless password.

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Flying at Lookout Mountain

My family was kind enough to spend a whole day letting me fly at Lookout Mountain in northern Georgia, near Chattanooga. I’ll tell the story with pictures.

For starters, they have a giant concrete ramp–much fancier than the (still sturdy and impressive) wooden ramp at Dunlap.

The ramp has a pretty nice view, even if the mountains are small and green.
cut for pictures

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Two weeks in Tennessee

I was in Tennessee with my family (save for my sister) for two weeks. I didn’t take as many pictures as I probably should have, but I’ll share what I’ve got.

I went on a few hikes with these folks

including around a green Tennessee valley
cut for pictures

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