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Quick update

The frequency of my updates has been dropping lately, so here’s what I’m up to:

I’ve been dancing a lot. Now that the SwingCal class is over, I’ve been going to the 9:20 Special, a swing dance on Thursday night in San Francisco. I’ve also been going to Lindy on Sproul as usual on Saturday, and I’ve made it to a few blues classes and dances; I hope to be a regular at Friday Night Blues.

However, dancing takes a back seat to higher priorities. The next higher priority is hang gliding. I’ve only made 2 trips this spring, and the weather wasn’t quite amazing on either of them. Still, I’ve been getting as many flights as I can, and soon I hope to soar like a pro.

Of course, the highest priority, putting a hold to both those hobbies, will be my trip to Johnson City to visit my family for two weeks. I leave on Wednesday. If I’m lucky, I’ll actually get to do some flying in Tennessee, at Lookout Mountain, but with possible changes pending in my mom’s treatment, it might not be possible. My brother has synchronized his visit, so it’ll be a bit of a reunion, though as always, my pesky little sister isn’t a team player 😛

All this is complicating my move. Because I had trouble finding a new roommate, I’m moving into a 100-square-foot bedroom in a 2-bedroom apartment with someone else who plans to graduate in December. It’ll save me some rent, but moving is always such a pain. I’ll be spending the weekend cleaning and packing, so when I come back from my trip, I’ll be ready to move immediately, I hope. So far, that mostly consists of taking the things I have and giving them away to Goodwill and neighbors, or selling books for pennies to Half Price Books.

I guess I’m busy. Fortunately, I’ve still been making progress on code I need for my thesis. That’s something, anyway.

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BBQ duck

Last Saturday, Alex and I smoked two ducks. (Yes, we needed giant rolling papers, ha ha.) They were a lot of work, though thankfully Alex did a lot of that before I even got there. (See: purchasing, defrosting, brining, acquiring smoker.) See, this is how lazy I was:

cut for pictures


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Technological failure

Eric was getting rid of a barebones computer (no drives, but everything else) he had for $40, so I bought it, since I could just drop my existing drives into it and it would work. Well, my hard drive died, and I spent at least a day and a half trying to make everything work, though that also included a software upgrade. It turns out the drive just had a minor failure, just one error, and given the proper instructions, the drive will work around it. But now, I have backups of that data out the wazoo–seriously, about three backups of it. Should that drive fail again, I won’t miss it. But maybe I should back up some of the other precious data I have….

I always feel bad when my technology betrays me. As a computer science guy, it should all just work!

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