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Overseen events

Yesterday, walking through Berkeley, I overheard a black kid tell a white kid, “I won’t gyp you, nigga.” Racism’s classic words are still around, but I’m not sure they mean the same things to people in the 21st century.

Then, today, I saw a guy with a fancy classic car double-park it illegally (motor still running, dog in the passenger seat) to run in and pay his parking tickets. Oh, and this was about half a block from the police station. Truly classic.

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I’m a dork. The San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival has posted its schedule for this year, and I’m really excited. Elephant Larry from New York will be there this year! Hopefully I’ll finally get to see the Upright Citizens Brigade A.S.S.S.S.C.A.T. I’m delighted. Unfortunately, it means I’ll probably be spending $100-200 on comedy tickets over 3 weeks or so, but it’ll be a delicious period. Hooray for humor!

Of course, this reminds me of last year, when I invited a woman on a date to a performance of the SF Sketchfest. She rejected me, saying that she doesn’t like comedy. Has there ever been a more obviously made-up excuse? That’s like saying you’d go on a dinner date, except you don’t like eating.

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Morning exercise is hard

Morning exercise is hard. I know this because yesterday I went for an evening bike ride instead of a morning bike ride. Granted, I found it no easier than usual, but … I had given blood the day before. So riding in the morning is as hard as riding after giving blood! And I usually get way more tired after giving blood.

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Definitely not electric sheep

I dreamed of an eight-legged talking bull. He was enormous, and he could build up a lot of momentum. He was also surprisingly eloquent.

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Ha! It’s a first!

I was at a party, and I asked for a woman’s number. That’s a first. She gave it to me. Another first! Even in the (likely) case that I call her up, ask for a date, and am rejected, this is a significant success for me. I have a certain amount of courage, and I can talk to a woman in a new situation without coming across as a huge idiot. I mean, that doesn’t sound so hard, except that it’s a Berkeley grad student we’re talking about, and she probably has decently high standards. In any case, go me, and hopefully the Phone Call goes well.


Old = littering?

This morning, walking through Berkeley, I saw a woman throw her cigarette butt on the ground. Because I’m that guy, I said, “Oh, for the love of God, don’t throw your trash on the ground.”

She said, “Have some respect for a woman almost 70 years old.”

“It’s my city too, goddammit,” I returned bitterly.

In retrospect, there are many good things I could have said, but in the end this is where my communication skills break down. What do you say to people who don’t care about anyone but themselves? Their motivations are evidently nothing but pure greed, and I can’t understand them. I’m sure the word “worthless” is a little extreme to apply to them, but it certainly springs to mind. Certainly I view them as broken people, as though there’s a piece inside of them that just doesn’t operate the way it should.

And no, I needn’t have any respect for someone who treats my city as a dump, no matter how old she might be. She obviously has no respect for anyone else in the city.

Dammit, that’s the wrong way to start a day. This sort of selfish thoughtlessness is exactly what makes me angriest. People suck.