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Dumb animal, moving vehicle

As I was jogging this morning, I saw a small dog without a leash running around up ahead. I figured its owner was around, but I didn’t see them. As I got close to the dog, it suddenly ran off into the street, its owner yelling after it to stay. Of course, it was at that moment that a minivan came driving down the street. The dog ran right in front of the van, and then ran away from the van–in the same direction the van was going.

The image that I have in my head is this: The owner was yelling, then van’s driver was stopping, but not perhaps as fast as they should have been, and the dog was fleeing from the van. The dog was right in front of the van’s front left wheel, scampering away, and it got maybe 2 inches from being run over–I think it was crouching a bit to avoid the wheel as it ran away. But in the end, the van stopped and the dog barely escaped with its life. It would have been truly crushed had it been caught by the wheel.

But it all ended up okay, and maybe the owner will learn to either (a) train the dog or (b) keep it on a leash. Some people might blame the driver (they should have been going as slowly as molasses in a residential neighborhood!), but they were reasonably slow, and drivers aren’t responsible for psychically intuiting what might run into the street in front of them. I grew up on busy streets, and you simply stay off the road, and keep your pets off the road.

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Pair picture

When I last posted a picture of Megan, letmeburyem suggested that a picture of both of us would be appropriate. Here you go. The angle is a little odd, but what can you do when holding a camera at arm’s length?



600 feet

Yesterday, I took my first flight from the 600′ hill! It doesn’t look that big here:


But here I look smaller:


And here I’m barely a speck in the background:


I had about 2 minutes of flight time, but it felt really fast.

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Unlucky minesweeper

I almost won a Minesweeper game in a personal record time, but there was a degeneracy, and I had to guess as to where the mine was; no logic could help me. It was frustrating–look at that!

cut for image

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Poetic injustice

Tonight, I took a load of laundry downstairs, and spent a few minutes moving and loading laundry. When I returned to my apartment, I found that my roommate, who had been asleep when I left, had locked me out–and there was an artichoke steaming on the stove. (I was in my pajamas so that I could wash my pants.) I spent about 10 minutes banging on the door, but to no avail other than annoying the neighbors. One neighbor and then another offered to let me use the phone, but I didn’t know Jay’s number. Finally I called one friend, who gave me another friend’s number, who was in the lab with Jay, and told Jay to come home and let me in.

It turns out that Jay had gotten a call from a labmate asking for help and had gotten up and left very quickly. He thought nothing of the open door, and took the food on the stove as evidence that I was home, so he politely locked the door when he left. It was an astonishing coincidence.

In the end, the artichoke ended up oversteamed, and the pot was blackened, but I got back in without anything terrible happening. Still, I may need to take a set of keys with me when I do laundry in the future.


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First (good) picture!

Oh, by the way, I took a picture of Megan in the sunset. Cute, no?




Potatoes and cheese wrapped in dough

So, Megan was telling me about making some sort of food with potatoes and cheese, and you fill up a dough shell with that and then seal it and boil them. And I said, holy crap, you make pirogies?! And she said, you know what they are?? So, the story is that we both have Polish backgrounds, and about once a year our families spend an afternoon making pirogies, which we eat with sautéed onions and butter. It’s such a bizarre, awesome connection.

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Somewhere they’re meeting on a pinhead

Well, I had a second date, and I actually explicitly asked if I could call Megan my girlfriend. The answer was yes, so I’m now officially taken. Sweet!

We went to Chinatown in the rain–it turns out it’s pretty hard to navigate the crowd with two people and a giant umbrella, but we managed it. I found it surprising that Megan seemed as glad to hold my hand or arm as I was to hold hers, but everyone was acting normal, so I tried to look nonchalant. Then we saw the Museum of Modern Art, had some tea, and went back to Berkeley. It was rainy, yet excellent.

In a few days I went from being alone (and having a bit of a pity-party about it, too) to dating the most amazing woman. How did I manage to meet her, over anyone else? How should I react? These things happen to other people. They don’t happen at all, in fact. I half worry that this is some sort of elaborate practical joke or dream, but I have a picture as evidence that it actually happened.

Megan in MOMA


A fig? A prune? Something like that.

I created a new user icon for this post. It’s me on a hang glider, but that’s not really the relevant bit. The relevant bit is that it’s airborne and not crashing, unlike the plane userpic seen recently.

I went on a date with an amazing woman named Megan! (I think she likes me!) She’s substantially more awesome than I am! We talked for hours! I’m too excited to fall asleep! We have a second date planned! We met at a dance class, and I immediately recognized her awesomeness, which was only confirmed by further conversation! Yes, it takes all these exclamation points to capture my mood! Top of the muffin to you! (That was a Seinfeld reference!) I am dismayed that no one else is awake to whom I can yell my excitement over the phone!

Holy crap, Batman!