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Clinically awesome

Sometimes, I feel like I’m awesome. Then, I wonder why women aren’t interested in me and realize that I must not be quite as awesome as I like to think.

But, as evidence of awesomeness: I had a good comment in class today that simplified and sped up an algorithm that the instructor had presented. He said he hadn’t thought of that–and he’s a Turing Award winner (it’s like the Nobel of computer science). So, I felt pretty good. It may be a minor thing, but I’ll take it.

Now, onward and downward. Next up is the class I’m TA-ing, which I need to both work through and pay some attention to. Unfortunately, Slashdot says that multitasking will make me stupid and slow. Le sigh.


Shot down

I now have a userpic to commemorate being shot down once more. I suppose it was a gentle shot, but the plane crashed just the same.

That said, asking people out over Facebook is probably a stupid idea. But I don’t see everyone in person every day. That’s exacerbated because I’m not the fastest-moving person I know, so sometimes I wait until after the end of the semester, when I don’t see people in person anymore.

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Food poisoning explanation?

Last Friday I slept all day because I was suffering from food poisoning. It started out relatively mild, but eventually I vomited, and I was weak for much of Saturday, too. I was too sick to use my first SF Sketch Fest ticket! Then, having missed 5 meals in 2 days, I was noticeably weak at hang gliding on Sunday.

The annoying thing was that I couldn’t figure out what food I’d had was contaminated. I shared almost all my food with other people that day, and the stuff I didn’t share was very fresh leftovers (18-hours old).

However, I think I’ve figured it out. I had some fruit from a tray (which other people had also), and one of the fruits was greenish and tasted like mango. I concluded that it was a very unripe mango. Now, I’m allergic to touching mangoes, but not to eating them. That said, I think maybe this mango was so unripe that it contained some of whatever chemical makes me allergic to mango skin. I’ll have to be careful to eat only fully ripe mangoes in the future.


Oh, Wendi

Spam subject line: “ErectileorganThumpingWendi”. Thumping, eh?


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Rejection for all the right reasons.

So, I finally asked a girl out, for the first time in 7 years. I did it by email, since I didn’t have a way to see her face to face. It wasn’t a successful approach, but since she already had a boyfriend (whose existence hadn’t been certain to me in advance) it wasn’t such a bad rejection. Besides, most interesting people this age are taken anyway (e.g. Kate wasn’t even available to someone as slow moving as me when she was last available), so this was really to be expected. I guess the moral of this story is: go ahead and ask–if you ask earlier, the stakes are lower, so rejection isn’t quite as big a deal, and you approach more people.

Now I just need another date for the comedy festival.

Also, thanks to Subbu, who was my friendly contact to this woman. It’s always good to have a friend on your side.


Similar fears

My fears feel very similar when either launching a hang glider from a new height or trying to talk to a girl woman I’m interested in. No, I haven’t asked anyone out, but I have the intention to do so when the time is appropriate. The question is, will I be able to run off of that hill when the wind is right?

W00t, metaphor.

No, really, the feeling is much the same in both cases. I feel a lightness in my stomach, and a need to simply back away. It feels like it’s not too late to turn around and go home, and maybe waiting for a few minutes wouldn’t be so bad after all, and then the wind changes, the woman walks away, and it turns out that it’s too late to succeed after all.


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Carcassonne: a portrait of racial disharmony

It turns out that if you arrange Carcassonne pieces just so, they all kick each other in the crotch. And they are made in all the colors of the human rainbow!


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From the “Did I really just see that?” department

Yesterday I saw an adult shit on the sidewalk. She didn’t even bother to squat, just leaned over a bit. I saw a turd drop from the bottom of her long coat. I assume she was homeless, but even so you would expect her to at least be furtive when shitting in public. She shat on a busy street!



New year’s resolution

I resolve to be more shameless and bold. I normally tend to be worried about what people think of me, but I’ve realized that I respect self-confidence and unabashedness in other people. Therefore, I admit that I read the embarrassing stories in Cosmo (they’re pretty funny). I fart in elevators. I waste time by goofing off. I listen to the same few songs over and over. I like techno music. I watched many seasons of Survivor, and it was okay. I like bad movies. I get bored by classic literature. Even though I play classical music, it’s not my favorite sort of music to listen to; in fact, it can put me to sleep.



Damn Tri-Cities airport. The only x-ray machine is broken, so they hand-searched everyone. On the plus side, they were refreshingly thorough. I feel confident that I could not have hidden any sort of terror equipment. However, I tend to carry around a ton of crap, so it took quite a while. Surprising things I found in my luggage:

  • 50 pennies that Kate and I used for poker
  • a fun-size Butterfinger bar
  • an ancient pack of tissues
  • more electronics than you can shake a stick at

And that doesn’t include the myriad crap that I knew would be there. I mean, 2 cameras for a start. It was a long process.

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