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Funniest Slashdot comment ever

Someone was trolling for people friendly to Linux…

Cut for vulgarity


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50-mile high club

Apparently not only have astronauts had sex in space, but they did so as part of a NASA experiment. The moral of the article seems to be that without gravity, you don’t have enough force for most positions to work. Instead, you need to use an elastic belt or something else to push against. If I’m lucky, that knowledge will someday come in handy.

This information was gleaned from the blog of the webcomic Least I Could Do.


Hang gliding pictures

I’ve gotten a lot of hang gliding pictures lately. There are a few very good pictures of me, and I’m glad. You can see more on Flickr.

Cut for 4 1024×768 images



Louis is a fool. He can (and does) eat his food from the top level, but sometimes he decides to reach for his bowl all the way from the ground level. It looks really awkward, but that doesn’t seem to stop him.

You cannot tell me that this looks comfortable.

Louis eats uncomfortably