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Hills and horses

Yesterday, at the hang-gliding site, there were two horses hanging out on the hills. One of them was quite friendly, and so I got to pet a horse for the first time in a while. I was a bit nervous–they’re damn big things–but the horse was probably as tame as you could find. They didn’t even seem to think anything of a person carrying a glider with a 20+-foot wingspan. I guess they see that fairly often.

I also got to fly from the 300′ hill for the first time. I was worn out after I’d carried the glider up 6 times, though. I guess it’s good I didn’t try for more flights, though, because I only barely got home in time to go meet Leslie Klasterka, my mom’s friend’s daughter, in San Francisco.

Here’s a video of Billy’s last flight from the 300. Ignore the instructors yelling in the background. Caution: it’s about 9MB. His flight looks a lot like mine would, I guess, though I have a different harness than he does.

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Farscape is trash

Farscape is utter trash. At least, the first episode and a half are trash. That is the kind of show that explains why so many people look down on sci-fi.

Maybe it gets better, but it starts of really badly.

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This morning it was windy at Ed Levin park, so we waited to set up the gliders. It got better, so I started to set up mine, and Lise followed suit. Then the wind got terribly strong–around 30 miles an hour or more. The gliders couldn’t even be taken down alone–we had to have one person keep them from blowing away as they were taken apart. It was terrible, except that it was fun to feel that much wind. Here in CA, we don’t get much wind, and this was nice. We drove up to the 1700-foot launch site so Barry could show us what it looks like, and the wind there was strong enough that we had to lean into it. It was almost as strong as my fond memories of Madison, WI, where the wind was enough to steal the breath out of your mouth.

In other news, you can see a long way from the 1700-foot launch.

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I like to move it move it

I like to move it move it. That is all.


Low yield

I made and canned a batch of pomegranate molasses today, since I had no more unopened bottles. Damn, that shit takes all day. And I only ended up with 6 bottles. I guess it’ll be unusually strong this time.

6 bottles of syrup

I’m not sure I’ll give it away as freely this time. If it takes so long to make, I might as well treasure it. I like it, and I’m not sure how other people like it. Besides, I have yet to try it as a meat seasoning, which might be interesting. Maybe I’ll try it on a post-Thanksgiving turkey (or other fowl).

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The letter A

I’ve been eating “A” vegetables lately. Asparagus, artichoke, and avocado. You may note that these are the least healthy vegetables I could find, at least once I add the requisite garlic butter topping. (No, I don’t put garlic butter on avocado. That would be weird.)

But I’m advancing to the Bs. Today I made BBQ beef in the crock pot. I’ve never made beef so tender you could pull it apart before. It’s very good with Everett & Jones sauce.

Can you tell that I’ve been spending more time cooking lately? Good food is a pleasant luxury, and I don’t even seem to dislike preparation. The problem is that it takes up a lot of time. Good lord, what if I turn into a boring old person–going to work, coming back, cooking something tasty, and going to bed?

Meanwhile, bad weather this weekend kept me from flying much. Only 5 flights from the 150′ hill, on two days. And one day, I even had to carry the glider back down because it got too windy to launch. All that hard work wasted! But I’m getting better at carrying the glider up the hill, which is a lot of exercise. Just wait ’til I get to the 300′ hill!


Spam subject line


Come on, it doesn’t get better than that.


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Politicartoons oddity

My officemate pointed me to a funny YouTube video about George Washington. That very day, a cartoon about George Bush as King George appeared in .

The odd thing is this thread discussing the cartoon. I mentioned the video about George Washington, and proceeded to treat it as real. I pointed out that the video was in no way serious (e.g. it describes GW as “20 stories tall, made of radiation” and documents his antics, such as “He has a pocket full of horses, fucks the shit out of bears.”). Even after that, proceeded to say this: “I don’t know how factually correct it is, but it does seem to back up my point.” That is complete insanity. The entire video is funny lies, and it can’t back anything up. That dude is either (a) nuts or (b) not watching the video and just pretending he has. But I can’t understand why anyone would do that. I’m just puzzled.

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Dreamhost sucks

Dreamhost offers Gallery as a program to do image hosting. However, their servers don’t have the power to make thumbnail images before timing out, so the gallery is useless. Since this is why I bought hosting from Dreamhost, they fail, and I’ll have to look for hosting elsewhere.

I’ll have to buy a paid plan from either Flickr or SmugMug. Does anyone have a preference? SmugMug is $15/yr more expensive (not prohibitive), but it’s not tied to AT&T (Flickr is tied to AT&T via Yahoo), and it makes strong guarantees about data colocation (your pictures are stored in at least 3 locations).

Edit: It seems that by having AT&T/Yahoo internet, I have a free Flickr Pro subscription. I think that means Flickr wins. Thanks for the help.


Spam poetry?!

I got poetry spam today. I’m amused.

cut for vulgarity