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USPS practice

I’m so out of practice sending letters that I just got a paper cut on my tongue trying to seal an envelope.

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I don’t often relate dreams here, since I don’t want to bore you. But here’s an interesting one.

I dreamed I went to the grocery store. I bought cherries and milk, among other things. I almost bought 2 gallons of milk, but I realized that was too much and put one back. Exciting!

But this morning, for a bit I thought I had cherries to eat, because I remembered buying some. It was a disappointment to realize it was all a dream.



ASCII spam

I got spam that had ASCII (i.e. text-only) pornography in it. If you squint, you can see it under this cut.

Spam ASCII pr0n, probably NSFW



Inkscape arrowheads

Inkscape is a free (GPL) graphics program, sort of in the vein of Adobe Illustrator or OpenOffice Draw. It’s pretty nice and does many things, but recently I’ve been missing the lack of double-arrow arrowheads, since they would be useful in my diagrams.

Well, today I created some. I sent them in to the makers of Inkscape, and I will also note here how to create Inkscape arrowheads (more generally, they’re called “markers” since they can also be arrow tails and the like). In order to create your own Inkscape arrowheads or markers, you can find directions in the file inkscape/tutorials/making_markers.svg. That file may be in different locations on different systems; for me, it is found at /usr/share/inkscape/tutorials/making_markers.svg.

Now you know! And hopefully search engines will find this page and point people in the right direction.

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Today I broke a bowl by dropping a can on it. On the plus side, refried beans taste damn good, especially with garlic, cheese, salsa, and tortilla.

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What should I eat for dinner? Roast beef? Omelet? Roast beef omelet? So many choices!

In case you haven’t noticed, not having Kate around has made me post many more irrelevant things. I need someone to listen to me!


visiting Kate

I’ve scheduled a trip to visit Kate in Prague in a week (!), for a week. But the problem is that although I tried to book tickets via a low-end travel website/travel agent called Travel Enterprises (for hundreds of dollars less than anyone else could do), Lufthansa is saying that I’m only standby on one of my flights. I’ve contacted the Travel Enterprises people, and they say that they’re clearing that up.

But I’m quite worried. I can’t exactly get completely ripped off, since I paid by credit card and can have Discover not pay them if they don’t provide me with the tickets they agreed to (I think). But I’ve passed the point of getting decently-priced tickets from anyone else, so I’m pretty well fucked all around if this doesn’t pan out. And I’m really looking forward to going! So right now I’m pretty anxious. I may have messed up in a big way by going with this tiny website to book my flights. Also, if this doesn’t pan out, I don’t relish the hassle of canceling the useless tickets and getting new ones.

EDIT at 11:15am pacific: They said Lufthansa doesn’t accept Discover cards, so they asked for a second credit card. That’s a red flag, but dammit my hope leads me on. They’d damn well better get me some plane tickets!

EDIT at 12:45pm pacific: I HAVE CONFIRMED TICKETS! WOO-HOO, I’M GOING TO PRAGUE! I’m excited. After all my doubting and worrying, it’s all working out okay.


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More spam: vulgar but funny picture

I got spam with this picture. All I can say is, WTF? That dude may be ejaculating snowflakes, but he doesn’t look happy about it. He looks angry and vengeful. Perhaps he has accomplished what the tagline at the bottom encourages him to do.

Anyway, who worries about this stuff? I can imagine being worried about sexual performance, but not producing enough semen? That’s just bizarre.

[A cartoon of some guy ejaculating with a leer/grimace on his face]


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More spam

Spam subject: ‘Be the “biggest” out of all your friends’.

Because you know what my friends and I do is sit around all day, comparing our dicks. How else would we know who is winning at life?


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Y0 m@m@.

Yo mama is teh suck! My dad could pwn your dad. Yo mama is so fat, when she surfs the internet she takes servers down. Yo mama is so ugly, when a kid haxx0red her webcam, he died of the sight.

EDIT 2007-06-22: Perhaps tagging this ‘funny’ was a bit optimistic.

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