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Sleeping in my talk

I remember that once upon a time (summer 2001), I was in a warm room talking to someone who was working on a computer, and somehow I fell asleep while talking. I woke up saying something I didn’t know anything about, and I felt really embarassed, but the guy didn’t seem to have been paying attention, so I think I didn’t make a fool of myself.

But now I kind of want to duplicate this. Maybe on a really hot day at home, I’ll try to record myself talking while falling asleep and see what the heck I say. If it’s PG rated, I may even post it up here. It would be interesting to see what my subconscious has to say.

In related news. this comic was posted the other day, and it relates to the idea of hearing your subconscious communicate.


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A tale of two pigs

Our guinea pig Chester doesn’t like green pepper as much as I thought. As a result, he’s still got some left now, at the end of the day. He just nibbled on some, but didn’t spend long before he abandoned it again.

Well, when he went and sat by the bars where Louis was, Louis smelled the green pepper on his breath, and kept sticking his nose through the cage and sniffing at Chester’s mouth–putting his nose right in there. Chester was a bit taken aback and licked or nibbled (I couldn’t tell) on Louis’s nose a few times, but Louis kept sniffing at him until Chester finally turned around and went elsewhere.


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I am a wuss. My back hurts (not sure why)–not a lot, but a steady ache–and it’s really annoying and hard to concentrate.
I couldn’t do anything if I was in real pain. Note to self: do not become a burn victim!

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Funny store and product

I saw a store named “BJ” advertising “dickies”. You have to admit that’s at least a little funny.

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The LiveJournal stereotype

I just found this quote, which is the epitome of the stereotypical LiveJournal user:

“I’m like crying.”



Today, I got a call from a guy who spoke no English, but only Spanish (as far as I could tell). It was obviously a wrong number–obvious to me, anyway. He seemed pretty irked that I spoke no Spanish, and he stayed on the line for quite a while as he asked questions I couldn’t understand and I tried to tell him it was a wrong number and “no habla Espanol.” But he even called back a second time, so I guess he had written down the wrong number.

In other news, caffeine and/or chocolate can perk up your mood. Huzzah for Scharffen-Berger’s mocha bars! Of course, I can’t afford to eat more than a few bites at a time, but even that is effective.

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Today, I went out for a jog. And no sooner had I crossed the street than I tripped and fell down hard. I’m a bit scraped up, and worse some of my ribs are quite sore. I’m pretty sure I didn’t break anything, but I sure did bruise my chest. Leaning back can make me use those bruised muscles and hurt quite a bit!

These new bruises are an addition to the existing injuries I got while whitewater rafting on the Nolichucky River in Tennessee. At one point, we all fell out of the boat, even the instructor. I wasn’t worried until someone on shore threw me a rope, at which point I started to worry more. I could get killed out there! In fact, Sam was nearly washed down another rapid, but some other guy helped him reach shore. It was scarier than I had expected.

Personally, I think rafting seems more dangerous than hang gliding. Rafting involves playing with big forces (moving water and rocks) in a hostile environment (water). Hang gliding puts you in a precarious situation (high up), but it’s easier to stay in control.


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I can’t make this shit up

I can’t make this shit up, but I wish I could, because it’s damn funny.  Fortunately someone else can make it up (and has).

At one of the webcomics I read, I saw an ad for “The Terrifying ‘Decide-Dominate-And-Destroy’ Shocking Martial Arts Secret Banned By Congress That Can Transform ANY MAN (Or Woman) Into A Walking, Breathing Weapon Of Mass Destruction.”  Whew, that’s a mouthful.  They say that it’s “Incredibly easy to understand – (You will pick 98% of it up just watching it one time!)”  I’m not sure that’s such a good thing, because it means that your opponent will learn it from you the first time you use it.

Of course, on further inspection there’s no way this site is serious.  They have hilarious user comments, like “Love the coherent, non hyped, down to earth explanations. I was expecting the standard overhyped bullshit, but the material is actually fantastic. EVERYTHING to date has happened exactly as promised.

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Tutorial tutorial

In something I’m working on for Numenta, there’s a piece of code that has been worked on heavily for research purposes, so it’s flexible and hence hard to understand or use.  There’s a tutorial, but even that is complex.  In fact, there’s a tutorial to the tutorial!

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Grading: Yay!

When grading, seeing the student write “Yay!” as part of a question makes me laugh.

Also, students who don’t read the directions make me want to hit myself!

Furthermore, writing in if not complete sentences, at least coherent phrases, is very important.

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