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More pig observations

Chester was just dreaming.  His eye was open a little bit, and it was twitching all over the place.  That’s kind of weird, because under normal circumstances guinea pigs barely move their eyes at all.  But it’s good to know he dreams, and I hope his dreams are pleasant.

That said, his vacant, twitching eyes looked kind of freaky.


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Louis, one of our guinea pigs, was sitting in his cage, eating his food.  I paused in my work to look at him, and I must have looked at him funny, because he suddenly fled as fast as he possibly could.  Because his cage is bedding on plastic, he didn’t have very good traction, and so he scrabbled at it, flinging bedding all about while spinning his legs like a cartoon character.  It was tremendously funny, but when I laughed he made his frightened/warning rumbling sound.  Silly pig!


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Qualifying exam

I passed my qualifying exam! That means that a committee of professors thought that (1) my thesis topic is worthwhile, new, and not overwhelming, and (2) I am capable of doing research. Now it’s back to doing my normal work, such as TA-ing and trying to do that research they think I’m capable of.

Anyway, huzzah!


More spam

I got spam from “Dong McGee”.  I’m not sure why that amuses me so, but it does.

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Test GPG post

This is a test post by encrypted email.


Money laundering spam

I just got a spam email  from “Lux Capital” that wants a “regional manager” to “deal with 2-3 bank transactions a week” of 2000-3000 Euros.  You’re supposed to take some money for yourself, then send the rest via Western Union to the company’s “regional offices.”  How shady is that? I guess sending spam like this is a clever way to get stupid people to go to jail for you.

See the email yourself