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I feel very angry right now.  I do not know why, other than that I’m frustrated about Milo’s very slow recovery.



Grading sucks.

Also, as a grader, I can officially say: it sucks to see my students get things wrong.  I explained it, dammit!  Weren’t you listening?

Teachers aren’t out to get you when they’re grading.  It’s painful to see people make mistakes, and besides it’s easier to grade papers that are correct.  I want everyone to have the right answer!

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Facial hair

Excuse my dorkiness in these pictures, but I thought I’d show off my new-grown facial hair.  It took forever to grow, and it’s still not very full.  Still, it’s an interesting change.

So, first I just grew it all out:
full (but thin) beard

But the cheeks were patchy, so I cut it down to this:
full (but thin) beard

Damn I look dorky!


A quote from David Brin’s Kiln People

“It’s one thing to see death coming at the hands of your own creation.  That’s in the human epic tradition, after all.  Oedipus and his father, Baron Frankenstein and his monster, William Henry Gates and Windows ’09.”
 — David Brin, Kiln People, end of ch.41

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