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I had a brilliant idea yesterday. I thought it might be the cleverest idea of my life. Of course, I assumed it had already been thought of by someone else. I wrote to my advisor, Jerry Feldman, and he pointed me to the name it was called. Then I mentioned it at work, and everyone was incredibly critical of it. And then I went to a meeting in which Jeff Hawkins gave a practice presentation of his ideas. He was incredibly dismissive of anyone doing anything else, yet he told some story in which he was appalled that someone else was dismissive of him. It’s very annoying. I had a good goddamn idea, but everyone’s first impulse was to ignore it. Granted that I think they have many stupid ideas, but that’s because they often get confused and are thinking about things in funny ways. And trust me, they do. They give reasons that aren’t particularly sensical. Not all the time, but some of the time. Anyway, today has sucked.