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After the long silence

Since the last time I posted, I have had many interesting experiences. Allow me to name a few.

  • I got married to on October 9, 2005. It was the best wedding I’d ever been to, even discounting the fact that I was the groom. For example, the location was terrific.
  • We went to Las Vegas, where we saw Cirque du Soleil and ate at a buffet every day. I saw a man lose $1000 in one roll of the dice, though he didn’t seem as disappointed as I would have been.
  • Kate and I were driving somewhere, when a man jaywalked right in front of us. I encouraged Kate to honk, since it would make the man scurry out of our way. She did, but instead of scurrying, he stopped right in front of the car and yelled at us. While he yelled, the light changed, so we were forced to wait for quite some time. I was a bit worried that he’d attack us, but he didn’t.
  • I made pomegranate “molasses”, a gooey, sweet, tangy pomegranate syrup. It is divine, and was actually worth the several hours I spent on it. I don’t know how we’ll use it, but it’s really good. I may make some as holiday gifts for family.