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News from my hometown!

Johnson City, or at least nearby Erwin, is in the news. A man accidentally released his pet scorpion in the Erwin courthouse when reporting drunk to his court appearance for public drunkenness:

Hint: use bugmenot to avoid registration.

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UPS continues to suck

Ah, UPS. You really keep up the suckage. Recently, Kate and I got a wedding gift package, shipped by UPS. Unfortunately, like most humans, we’re not home during the day, so they left a little note. Because the ‘Signature required on delivery’ box wasn’t checked, I figured I could just sign the slip so they’d leave it. That would be marginally convenient.

But, no. Instead, they simply checked the ‘Signature required’ box on the same delivery slip!

Note how the “Tuesday” and “Signature required” boxes were checked in a different pen; he checked them on his second delivery attempt in some sort of attempt to cover up the fact that he didn’t check them in the first place.

Could this bastard not have checked the right box in the first place? That might have changed how I tried to receive the package, so maybe I would have actually received the same thing.

Finally, I’d like to point out the low-quality delivery time prediction the delivery person made. He checked all but 1 of the delivery time boxes! All I knew is that the package would arrive sometime after 10:30. Great. Now I can easily plan to be home at the delivery time!

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Fire alarm!

There’s a fire alarm in Soda Hall right this instant. I was sitting there working, and the alarm came on, and damn that shit is loud. I was working in an alcove on the 5th floor, which is where Slav and I meet, and when the alarm went off, huge metal doors started sliding shut to close it off. I grabbed my laptop (no sense letting it burn) and skedaddled. It was all rather freaky. It’s probably nothing, but it added some excitement to my morning.

Now, back to work.

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Protected: Another accident

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One accident–two perspectives

Today, I just missed witnessing an accident. I was heading home from campus, and I saw a cyclist standing up in the street and limping a little. Next to him was a car, stopped and blocking traffic. Curious about what had happened, I stayed to watch how they resolved it, and heard each side of the story in turn.

A sketch of the accident

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