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I’m writing from the new computer!

So, I now have a dual-processor computer. Dual P3 600MHz processors. It’s not blazingly fast, but it’s still quite nice. I’m especially pleased, considering that it cost a total of $100. It will be an excellent TIVO one day. Anyway, It’s already functional enough that I can post journal entries off of it. I’m still having trouble getting an old hard drive working in it, but all this shall change.

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School’s out for Winter

As Kate just wrote, winter break has just begun for me. I’m amazingly excited. I didn’t realize I would be so happy about it, but I’m energetic and pleased. We don’t leave until Wednesday or Thursday or something, and I’ve got free time! Life is good. In part, I’m just feeling great because my projects are all done and my papers are turned in. A huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. It’ll be a good weekend.

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Me write good someday

As much as I hate to give them credit, I think that ilovethecure, level_head, and kmilligan, the people I argued with in politicartoons, were one of the best things to happen to my writing skills. I feel that having to present my arguments in a debate forum made me work a lot harder at tightening up my language. I now write quite slowly, but I feel I’m reasonably concise; I even worry about leaving things out. However, I’m sure that this has been affected by no longer having length requirements (even school papers are supposed to be whatever length is required to say what needs to be said).

Then again, I may simply be deluded. Kate was very kind in her comments about my debate points, so maybe I’ve got an inflated ego. Still, I feel better about my writing now than I ever have before. That’s good, because I’m never going to escape from having to write.

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Call me an idiot…

I may be an idiot, but I’m a young, excitable, technically able idiot. I’ve worked out that I could build a Linux-based DVR (Digital Video Recorder — think TIVO) for $329.23. I really want to, but we certainly don’t need it, and it’s probably not worthwhile. We don’t really watch very much television. We could put in my DVD drive, so it would be a DVD player, too. And it could even play games, like old Nintendo games.

Anyway, it’s not worthwhile, but it sounds like fun.

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It’s the end of the semester as we know it

I just thought I might as well write. I’ve still got work to do (there are two papers due on Friday), but all my poster sessions and presentations are complete. It’s a nice feeling, but I’d better get writing.

I’ve talked a little bit to advisors lately. It seems like I’d better find out what I want to do, so I can pick who I want to do it with, so I can get along with this whole education thing. The key to progress at this point is papers, papers, papers. The problem is that I’m not so sure what I want to do. I don’t even see how I can decide in the next semester. I guess I’d better think about it, though.

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Meme me up, Scotty

Here I am, passing along memes. (“You don’t like beans?” -Grandma) Shame on me.

You scored as Neutral Good. A Neutral Good person tries to do the

Neutral Good


Lawful Good


True Neutral


Lawful Neutral


Chaotic Good


Neutral Evil


Lawful Evil


Chaotic Neutral


Chaotic Evil


What is your Alignment?
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