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Ah, sweet relief

Okay, so I did just fine on the test. I was worried, and with good reason. Allow me to explain my reasoning on each problem.

Problem 1: While I got an answer pretty quickly, I didn’t go about it in quite the way the question said. Apparently, though, my way was acceptable, though I really didn’t think so from the wording of the question. So I could have gotten no points on this for doing it the wrong way.
Problem 2: I got an obviously wrong answer. Fortunately, it was just an algebra mistake, so I got the majority of the points.
Problem 3: I was pretty much unable to make any progress. In the end, I just left off a term right at the beginning, so I did some okay work with bad data. But I thought I was missing something more vital than that.

So, in the end, the grader was much more lenient than I expected — he accepted a solution that the question didn’t really permit. Also, I had done better work than I thought; I just made some smaller mistakes.

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I shall worry no more forever

So, I talked to my physics professor today. He said he couldn’t tell me my exam grade, as that would be unfair to the other students. However, he assured me that I was not going to fail. He mentioned my participation in class, which reminds me that it’s good to be vocal. I do say good/useful/correct things, so it becomes clear that I know what’s going on. But anyway, it’s going to work out.

Kate kept saying it would work out fine, but I was worried. Well, now I can worry no more forever. Or for a little while. Curse me for arguing with her! She’s right all too often, which means I end up losing bets and doing extra dishes. You would think that someone as oblivious as me would know not to bet on the wording of a poem, but apparently I’m oblivious to my own weaknesses, too.

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Perhaps it’ll work out

I might survive the failed exam.  Everyone else did badly, and I might get some partial credit.  Best of all, the teacher knows I’m competent from my participation in class, and he doesn’t really have anything to gain by failing seniors, so I might squeak by.  It’s entirely possible. But I might be fucked, too.

I promised at one time to post a series describing the big exciting events of the spring.  I already hit the visit to Berkeley.  There are a few more, though.

After Berkeley

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Well, I bombed my first test. It’s actually the first test I’ve bombed in as long as I can remember. The only time I’ve ever gotten an F before this was on a quiz/homework in elementray school.

But it wasn’t just a random test. No, I had to go and bomb a final. But it’s my last semester, so I don’t care about grades anymore. So it’s all right, right?

But it wasn’t just the final of a random class. It was the one required class I had yet to take. So it actually matters. In fact, if I don’t pass this class, I don’t get my degree. Instead, I’ll have to what? do summer school? ruin my family’s graduation travel plans?

Now, on the plus side, everyone else did poorly. But seriously, I may have gotten a flat-out 0. There’s no doubt in my mind that I got an F on this exam. Will I pull it out in the class? Maybe. Maybe.

You know what sucks about this? I pick some ass times to screw up. I know plenty of people who failed exams and still survived. But I have to do it when it counts, when it may keep me from graduation. What the fuck is my problem????? What a fucking loser.

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late-breaking news

I missed updating in March entirely! I must be some kind of loser. Not that many people have been clamoring for updates, although one has been kind of vocal on the matter.

Anyway, lots of stuff has happened. I’ll split this into several posts, one for each major event.

First, we visited Berkeley. San Francisco was fun, but we got a little panicked over the apartment situation; it’s really expensive to live out there. We did some fun things, such as visit Alcatraz and Chinatown and see an aquarium. I also happened to see “Bee Season” in filming, and I have a picture of Richard Gere to prove it.

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