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One naughty pig

I knew he was a naughty pig; I’d seen him do it several times, so I finally went to the trouble of getting it on (digital) film. Originally, we had the food dish on the ground floor, but he kept sticking his nose under it and lifting it off its holder. So, we moved it to somewhere it could sit right on the ground, and that worked for a while. But he’s found a way to remove it anyway. I’m not sure what he gets out of moving it, but he’s quite persistent. And cute.

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I don’t feel like playing games. I don’t actually feel like doing too much of anything, but I might as well work if relaxation doesn’t sound good. Or write in my journal, which is about as much of a duty as working.

Kate was sick yesterday. Sick enough to go to the emergency room, where they said it was nothing exciting. They say she’s having an early, heavy period, but that can lead to some frightening symptoms. It was certainly better to spend five hours in the emergency room finding out it was nothing than to ignore it and have it be serious. And our medical sensitivity has had at least one positive effect: we got Louis in to be treated for his mites nice and early.

And now, some tech news.

Suddenly my webcam isn’t working with either of my computers. It works with mine as long as it’s running windows, but it’s having problems talking to Linux. I’m playing with some kernel stuff on “vangogh”, the old computer, but I know it worked before. It’s all very frustrating. I guess I didn’t configure it right before. Otherwise, it would still be working. And now, compiling and installing a new kernel, I managed to screw the whole thing up. Man, I suck.

At least I’ve had some tech successes lately. I installed a new hard drive in my computer and migrated my Linux installation to it successfully. I got the 2.6 kernel comfigured and installed, and I’d be using it now except that my video card drivers won’t compile with it. I can either fix it myself or wait for them to do it. I tried, but it’s non-obvious.

I’ve been working hard in the lab lately. The deadline for the paper is on the 20th, and I have to make sure my part of the project works well enough for Patrick to make some pretty pictures. The real hassle is that I don’t have a copy of MSVC6, so I have to go in to work to produce an executable Patrick can use. I can develop here at home in Linux, but Patrick needs a Windows executable. I may have to spend Monday in the lab so that I can fix bugs and get him revised versions as quickly as possible.

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family guy

Family Guy really is an entertaining show. We finally rented the DVD of the first season, and I couldn’t stop watching. I was surprised that there were so many of them that I hadn’t seen in so long or not at all.

We’ve seen quite a few movies over break so far. Several even in theaters: Paycheck, In America, and Big Fish. Big Fish we only saw yesterday afternoon, and I liked it. I actually got emotional during it, which I suppose is good.

In other news, I was somewhat productive this morning/early afternoon. I ran some errands, did some chores, and sent some research stuff to Patrick. I still probably won’t practice guitar today, but come on, it’s break. I’m allowed to be semi-useless.

I may play some MoO3 today, though. Now that qualifies as useless.

I liked the book Quarantine, which Kate’s grandmother got for me. It was rather heavy on the metaphysical side of quantum mechanics, but it was entertaining, and I was able to suspend my physicist’s quantum disbelief. I’ll read the other book she got as well (I forget the name right now), which looks like it’ll be more solidly founded, though perhaps just as metaphysical. I’m certainly enjoying having time to read, though.

I like Linux. It’s friendlier than Windows. It sometimes has bugs, as Windows does, but at least with Linux there’s some hope that they’ll be fixed in the forseeable future. And I can play with almost anything. Not that I do, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to do it.

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