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So, I took the Family Guy quiz too.

Which Family Guy Character are you? Take the Quiz!

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Exciting pictures

I need more pictures. Therefore, I provide the following pictures:

See some pointless pictures

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I have no sense of humor

I am a geek. A Linux geek in particular. So, when somebody starts bashing Linux because they had a bad USENET experience, I get a bit irritated. So, when David S. Rubin ( posted such a joke to rec.humor.jewish, I posted the following:

Is this a commentary on Linux or on free help? Those people responding to you are people who write open-source software, not exactly a high-paying activity. If they’re going to donate their time to you, they have a right to ask that you spend some time trying to solve your problem first. And yes, that includes assuming that you’re going to try to learn something, not just find an easy answer.

That said, sometimes things can get a little arcane. Not that Windows doesn’t hide configuration options and shuffle everything around from version to version. I just upgraded from MSVC6 (a compiler/developer tool) to MSVC7, and no options were in the same place.

Also, once properly configured, a GNU/Linux machine can stay operational for a LONG time, which can’t often be said of computers running Windows. It can pick up Granny, but having two people in the car will cause Engine Explorer to crash and bring everything to a halt.

(If I sound defensive, it’s only because you’re being offensive.)

I feel a little regret because his subject line said “Sense of humor required,” but he offended me, dammit. If he made fun of people who like, say, tapioca or historical fiction, it would offend them similarly. Dammit, I don’t have to sit here and take it, even if it’s supposed to be funny. Hell, if it’s that bad, the moderator will reject it.

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business in Toronto

I probably shouldn’t take my time writing, and heck, I don’t even have that much to say. But man, I feel worn out. It’s not even that I did that much today. It’s just that I know I’ll have lots of work tomorrow and the rest of the week, and when I get back to St. Louis it won’t get any better. Then there’ll be the week in Johnson City, and that might be relaxing, but I will still have that work hanging over my head. I just can’t relax very well, knowing that there is lots of work I’ll have to do soon. And I don’t want to lose my damn break!

I guess the moral of the story is that I should have gotten my applications done earlier. O what a fool am I.

As far as actually interesting things go, I left my laptop on the bus yesterday. It was its last stop, and then it went out of service, to change drivers at least. I was very lucky; it was sitting right near the station, and the driver was writing up a lost-and-found report for it as I got there. Of course, that didn’t save me the several minutes of frantic dashing around the subway/bus station. At least I didn’t lose the damn thing.

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It’s gone to a better place

My mother sent me a picture she took, and I noticed something funny about my eyes. I’ve lost my twinkle!

The implications are staggering. Either somebody took it, or…Kate’s pregnant. I mean, people remember when I was just a twinkle in my dad’s eye, right? So maybe my twinkle is developing into our child even now! I’m too young to be a father.

Will my twinkle regrow naturally, or will I need surgery?

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Evolution is a funny thing, because change usually happens gradually. As a result, there must have been halfway critters. The one that’s amusing me now is the early butterfly. At some point, there must have been an insect with some sort of large winglike things. Odds are, however, that it didn’t really know how to use them. It just flopped around sometimes (insects don’t really seem to learn behaviors; they just keep doing the same thing) and somehow managed to avoid predators. In fact, there must have been whole families of these things. But they did well enough that, well, now butterflies seem to fit in pretty well.

So are there any of these halfway critters around now? Does anything seem particularly awkward in its environment? I’d say penguins look like they could use some work, but maybe they’re good. Cockroaches that hang out in the middle of parking lots are probably a dying breed. And obviously we humans could stand to evolve some more, too–I mean, who really uses their appendix? Actually, the appendix is probably the best example to show that creation theory is wrong; if the appendix is useless (people without it survive just fine), why would god have created it?

Apologies for the semi-coherentness.

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my comedy routine

Why is it called taking a shit? I swear, I never take one. I just leave them.

Some feminists get all worked up about “his-story,” just because the word seems to combine men and history and history seems to include so many men. Instead, they want “herstory,” history about women. I think they need to realize that it’s not “his-story” but rather “his-tory.” Instead of creating “herstory,” they should write “her-whig.” Damn overrepresented Tories.

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Thanks, Kate!

I’m posting from class–not just writing from class, but actually posting, thanks to the wireless card Kate is giving me for Hanukkah. I’m just testing it out today, and she’ll probably keep it until Hanukkah, but I sure am gleeful about it. We’re learning about continuation passing style and exception handling. Here’s a quote: “because if you get to the end of the list, you simply raise -1 as your value.”

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Kate gets what she wants

Kate wants content. I’m busy, so she only gets a little bit. I’ve got seven grad school apps that really need to be pretty much done by Monday. And I went and did the one that was due on February 1st. What an idiot; the one that could have been put off, I do in good time. The real things to worry about now are the exam tomorrow night and the jazz exam and paper due Thursday morning. But I should work and do all that, so I’m going to stop writing now.

I really need to shave.


I’m not a quiz person, but…

I’m a generally unfuckwitted, liberal, disgustingly generous, pathetically simple-minded, dribbling child!
What are you?
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I’m 80% compatible with Kate.

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